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SAIC Uundergraduate Exhibition Tomorrow at 7 PM
Sullivan Galleries, 33 South State Street
I’ll be showing ConversationPool V7:

ConversationPool uses a series of wired and wireless sensors in conjunction with leaked FBI source code to exploit trusted networks in the name of art. Once the ConversationPool hardware has been installed on a network images from user’s browsing sessions are collected and stored in a central database. Each image in the repository is analyzed for colors, shapes, and human faces. Algorithmically ConversationPool pulls what it considers to be the most interesting images and generates a new collage in real time. Image characteristics and placement of images within the collage are carefully considered as the code builds a new composition. ConversationPool is a microcosm of the internet as a whole, where user’s online habits are tracked and composited to form a digital self, all transparently and without our consent.