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We just finished up a week long sprint on Persistence, a qualifying entry for Red Bull’s Creation 2013 event ( 

Persistance is a six foot long robotic arm that houses 96 ultraviolet LEDs. This arm hovers over a ten foot by ten foot canvas coated in glow-in-the-dark paint. Users are able to login to our website,, create a drawing, and then watch a live stream of the machine recreating their composition. 

SAIC Uundergraduate Exhibition Tomorrow at 7 PM
Sullivan Galleries, 33 South State Street
I’ll be showing ConversationPool V7:

ConversationPool uses a series of wired and wireless sensors in conjunction with leaked FBI source code to exploit trusted networks in the name of art. Once the ConversationPool hardware has been installed on a network images from user’s browsing sessions are collected and stored in a central database. Each image in the repository is analyzed for colors, shapes, and human faces. Algorithmically ConversationPool pulls what it considers to be the most interesting images and generates a new collage in real time. Image characteristics and placement of images within the collage are carefully considered as the code builds a new composition. ConversationPool is a microcosm of the internet as a whole, where user’s online habits are tracked and composited to form a digital self, all transparently and without our consent. 

Working on a project to visualize graffiti removal in Chicago. Just finished up getting the data in from the city. 

Not the final product by any means, but it’s nice to see the data getting parsed properly.

Harvey and I speaking at Club Workshop in Denver. Count how many times I say “Um”!